Private Beach in Spacious Garden


Informations techniques

Année de construction: 2021
Surface d‘eau:
- Zone de baignade: 32 m²
- Zone de régénération: 48 m²
- Surface totale: 80 m²
Profondeur d‘eau: 1,8 m
Liner: vert
Level control,5x underwater spotlights

Conception et réalisation:
P.G.G. Potsdamer Garten Gestaltung GmbH
DE-14542 Werder (Havel)

Private Beach in Spacious Garden

This Swimming Pond was retrofitted into the existing garden, and adjacent areas were incorporated into the ensemble. A planted gravel garden on the terrace is in bloom and still offers a view of the water, a beach area is complemented by a beach chair. A small romantic bridge leads to a sun deck. By keeping the water close to the house, the expanse of the garden has been further preserved.


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