On a par with Richard Wagner’s “Green Hill” in Bayreuth


Informations techniques

Année de construction: 2021
Surface d‘eau:
- Zone de baignade: 60 m²
- Surface totale: 60 m²
Profondeur d‘eau: 1,6 m
Liner: bleu
110W Premium UVC lamp complete set, dot-spot aq20 RGBW, Electric shaft version 01.03

Conception et réalisation:
es Plan + GartenWerkstatt GmbH
DE-95512 Neudrossenfeld

On a par with Richard Wagner’s “Green Hill” in Bayreuth

In the centre of the sophisticated garden concept on six levels, a Living Pool was created as a sports pool with a pool end growing out of the terrain, in keeping with the modern architecture. Lawn modelling flowing downhill accompanies and surrounds the pool like waves. On the 2,200 square metre “pocket handkerchief” plot with a total height difference of six metres, disruptive views were skilfully curbed and focussed views from all levels and positions in the house and garden from the Fichtelgebirge to Franconian Switzerland were worked out. The city of Bayreuth with its hills steeped in history lies at the pool’s foot. Consistent garden planning continues the architectural travertine façade cladding in all coverings, pool facings, steps and dry stone walls to create a total work of art.


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