It blooms at and in the Swimming Pond


Informations techniques

Année de construction: 2019
Surface d‘eau:
- Zone de baignade: 40 m²
- Zone de régénération: 20 m²
- Surface totale: 60 m²
Profondeur d‘eau: 1,5 m
Liner: gris foncé
Oase aquamax eco premium 20000, Oase aquarius universal 3000 4 x dot-spot aq20 warm white

Conception et réalisation:
Fuchs baut Gärten GmbH
de-83661 Lenggries

It blooms at and in the Swimming Pond

Everything is in bloom around and in the Swimming Pond. Relaxation at home: Below the private house lies this dreamlike site. The natural stone wall with the perennial beds provides the framework for this biotope. Fruit trees and greenery in view – this is how our customers discover a highlight in their garden at any time of the year. The untreated wood of the wooden deck and the natural foil colour of the swimming pool blend into the surroundings in such a way that the impression is created that the water has always been there.


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