Holiday oasis at the natural pool

L'hôtel Bergeblick avec Living Pool et places assises

Informations techniques

Année de construction: 2023
Surface d‘eau:
- Zone de baignade: 52 m²
- Surface totale: 52 m²
Profondeur d‘eau: 1,4 m
Liner: gris clair
Heat exchanger, roller blind solar cover, suction device for fire brigade

Conception et réalisation:
Fuchs baut Gärten GmbH
de-83661 Lenggries

Holiday oasis at the natural pool

At the Hotel Bergeblick in Bad Tölz, sustainability merges with well-being: Open architecture, lovingly designed rooms and a spacious garden invite you to relax and slow down. At the heart of the natural concept are the four Living Pools and a Bavarian Gumpn, which offer a unique bathing experience all year round. Each lodge has its own private Living Pool with a generous swimming area of 15 m² and a depth of 1.2 metres. Dive in and enjoy the refreshing water in your own retreat. In addition, the "Gumpn", a communal plunge pool with a swimming area of 15 m² and a water depth of approx. 1 m, invites you to relax and cool off. Let yourself be enveloped by the cool water and enjoy the soothing atmosphere.

Un lodge avec piscine naturelle privée pour se détendre à l'hôtel Bergeblick
Un lodge luxueux avec piscine biologique privée et terrasse entourée d'une végétation luxuriante.
L'hôtel Bergeblick propose à l'intérieur un bassin de plongée de Biotop

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