Classic Swimming Pond in the mountains

Informations techniques

Année de construction: 2016
Surface d‘eau:
- Zone de baignade: 44 m²
- Zone de régénération: 60 m²
- Surface totale: 104 m²
Profondeur d‘eau: 1,9 m
Liner: vert

Conception et réalisation:
Fresner Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH
AT-8962 Michaelerberg

Classic Swimming Pond in the mountains

This Swimming Pond was built using the traditional methods of concrete walls for the swimming area and an earthen embankment for the regeneration zone. A green liner provides the characteristic colour, and the regeneration zone is planted primarily with water lilies and underwater plants. The transition between the lawn and the swimming area is kept intentionally simple, with the crisp line accentuating the immaculate lawn area. The back side of the Swimming Pond is bordered with unostentatious shrubbery as a transition to the remainder of the garden.

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